Building Fine Art Portfolios Designed to Return on Value Both in The Short and Long Term

Combining art market innovations with traditional method, Phoenix Crowne establishes criterion that levels the playing field, always looking for first finds while grooming the emergent art and artist for the secondary market.

In evaluating contemporary art, aesthetic judgement remains subjective; yet a median set of rules for understanding where an artist’s work lives in the scale of what is known, what is owned, and what is yet to be discovered can be determined. While traditionally condition, provenance and size are the first factors on fine art appraisal, a broader spectrum considers many levels objectively as if by equalizer: Origin, technique, materials, security of authenticity, threat of duplication, and ultimately, the position of an artist’s context to history in their own evolution— a projection between their potential versus kinetic ability in the span of their creative life.




Experience Fine Art Collections with The Assistance of Our Curators

Whether touring a private collection, art fair, gallery, museum, or attending an auction, allow our expertise to make the most of your limited time; increase your ability to put art in context, while gaining better understanding of how to build a viable collection.


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Curatorial Services Enhance the Day to Day Experience of Growing Your Collection

Where does art live in your life? How can you incorporate the richness and culture of collecting into your daily routine? Create the ultimate environment in home or business for viewing your contemporary art. Phoenix Crowne focuses, not only around putting you in the right time and place, but the mindset, to live in the now of your own art lifestyle.


As A Phoenix Crowne Collector,
You Are Personally Escorted to Auctions,
Art Fairs and Estate Sales

View curated collections, offered regionally in intimate environments—
a truly unique experience in unexpected locations. Receive invitations to members’ only events at various locations across the globe. Our newsletters and publications provide valuable information, allowing for informed decisions when buying or selling.

Laura Gurton with view to Biscayne Bay, Salon Miami 2018

Salon Miami

Compelling Contemporary with
a Biscayne Bay View

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Exploring Relationships: Ilona Sochynsky & Kel1st

Featured Artists

Exploring Relativity, Relationships & Resources

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What Paul-Émile Rioux knows about The Future

Canadian Renaissance

What is the Next Leap for Art and Technology?

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Suso33/Kel1st Train-Legacy-Project, Madrid 2018


The Train-Legacy-Project Begins in Madrid

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A Different View On Collecting

Where do your investments live? In the bank? A brokerage account? What if your investments were woven into your daily lifestyle? Fine art becomes that kind of investment. How does your art investment increase in value? How do you know who will be the next valued contemporary art? What qualifies the next blue-chip artist?

Phoenix Crowne Holdings presents a strategic platform for elevating the valuation of fine art for investment by methodically and intentionally increasing awareness of often overlooked art and artists. Whether enhancing your current collection’s value, or building a new one from scratch, here is an opportunity to learn more about new and current assets while fully cultivating the fine art lifestyle.

Welcome to a new standard by which art and artists, currently overlooked by the conventional constructs of the current art market, elevate their value and performance through a vehicle designed to increase valuation of fine art for investment by methodically and intentionally expanding awareness, exposure and activity.

Through disruption of conventional gallery, art fair, auction house and on-line business models, Phoenix Crowne combines financial, traditional, and modern technologies as a basis to evaluate and validate art into curated collections that are programmed to increase their value by leveraging media, marketing and assets of the more traditional infrastructures already in place.

At our core, we are industry experts with foundations of long-built relationships and track records. Each is not only a leader, but a trailblazer in their specific field, earning their place as part of the Phoenix Crowne team. Combined effectively, we provide a solid infrastructure and network to guide clients’ decisions in growing collections positioned to build wealth over time.

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