Paul-Émile Rioux creates Alternate Realms of Reality

Worlds upon Worlds

The Virtual as Verité

It challenges the mind to comprehend the scope of Paul-Émile Rioux’s ability to create expansive realities, before he even ‘lifts’ his virtual camera lens to capture the imagery we actually see. Using combined technologies known only to this omniscient emperor of domains, he possesses the key to rules of light, gravity, time. Ray Bradbury’s envy can only be surpassed by the jealousies of Newton and Einstein. After trading in his hat as creator of worlds, Rioux’s captured image becomes our exclusive tour guide.

Paul-Émile Rioux, a traditional Photographer using Renaissance techniques

Future's Infrastructure

Tradition Sets the Stage

Creative life began based upon traditional academic training and method. Rioux further recognized and cultivated his photographic talent as translated through branding and agency applications. Along the way, what evolved as a result of the pace of technology challenged the desired returns—driving him further and further. Historically, whether from pen to paper, brush to canvas, or image to film, the artist’s challenge has been the capability of the physical manifestation of his tools to execute what lies beyond tangible for minds outside that of their initiator.

Paul-Émile Rioux’s Turquois Default Series of 15 pieces

Method Meets Madness

No Place Like Inner Space

The perplexing question of how available technology would better realize the seamless experience from the mind’s eye, into transmissible content for viewers remained elusive, until now. Renaissance occurs at the convergence of culture, tool and Master. Rioux proceeds with deliberate exactitude of pristine method, moving through his contemplative process of creation, without concern of quality of output. After creating each world, he once again becomes the traveler, the photographer capturing a moment, a flash of light, a transition in time: Artist as Observer.

Paul-Émile Rioux, crop from “Digital Cliff” series Pa 1b, Proof

Origin, Authenticated

Verification Through Blockchain

We travel with Rioux in his limitless virtual realities organically, given archetypical cues to help us create our own translations. Each step taken generates a new manifestation, a new original. This touches upon the critical need, if artists working digitally wish to be respected for collection as investment, of limiting editions and the maintenance of integrity. Today, true value lies in the original creator who understands the power of controlling data. Enter the age of blockchain, a new standard for Provenance that encompasses this challenge.

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