Salon Miami

Laura Gurton Unknown Species Triptych No.100, Biscayne Bay, Salon Miami 2018

Art in Context

Cultivating a Lifestyle

Placing contemporary art in proximity to professional engagement increases intersection with your art lifestyle. By invitation, tour our well-appointed rooms while discussing portfolios, collections and how best to display them. A perfect break from a nearby art fair or conference, reserve a quiet place to conduct business or meet with colleagues before attending other events. Phoenix Crowne Salons provide opportunity for animated conversation or critical discussion of the current art environment with breathtaking backdrops like Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline.

Kel 1st, Ilona Sochynsky and Paul-Émile Rioux as featured at Salon Miami 2018

Private Audience

Collect Without Pressure

Our curated selections of both recognized and emergent artists become an intimate environment in which to explore your possibilities. Schedule a Private Audience to work with one of our curators to expand your current collection or start a new one. Grow your understanding of what defines a strong portfolio for investment while in a relaxed, often exclusive, private setting by invitation only. The ability to gain special insights into artists like Laura Gurton, whose signature circular forms take us into unexplored realms.

Laura Gurton Unknown Species Triptych No.83, close

Laura Gurton

Masterfully Executed Rhythms

Our residency during Art Miami 2018 introduced our collectors to depth defying works that speak to us at both micro and macro levels. Gurton’s consistent, fluid technique layers concentric drops of color and texture in exploration of the archetypical shapes of our origins, touching the essence of our humanity. There is a motherly nudge to come closer, draw in more deeply, and take in the moment to realize the effervescence of her work as the bubbles slowly rise in our glass of champagne.

Laura Gurton Unknown Species no. 108, no. 83 and Venice Biennale Triptych Nos. 80, 58, 81, Salon Miami 2018

Unknown Species

The Venice Biennale

Experience a perfectly executed phenomena, a visual intersection between space and time, as it wraps itself around you. Making its debut in Miami, the unveiling of Gurton’s triptych from the Unknown Species series numbers 80, 58 and 81 was recognized for the 2013 Venice Biennale. Praised for mastery of technique and medium, these works have traveled across the globe and been exhibited in New York since they have returned. An ensemble like this becomes the perfect anchor of a new collection, or a qualified addition to one that is already strong.

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